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10bet十博下载dream is never stupid.

2019-08-31 06:14

10bet十博下载,it is the last words that the hero Christopher McCandless said in his life.and i assume that it is the very theme that the films wanna convince to us.
life is real and there is actually no the so-called superstramp in every life. And no exemption of Christopher McCandless, who gave his life to tell us all alive.
To share. Share with our family, our friend,and any interrupted company once come to our life.Either our happiness, or our sadness.you do it just because. living in the world and being a human is the every and ultimate reason.
life is earnest, and no superstramp.
love the words Christopher McCandless keep in his diary, in a simple, plain,but deep and strong way.
the music is harmonious with the developing of the plot.
in his dairy,McCandless said the very voyage whose home is the road. but what i wanna say is that home is the ultimate of the very voyage,just as its beginning.and time will tell it.

    Forrest Gump, in my eyes, is a story about dream、growth and love.

A wonder movie,
love it !

   At the beginning of the movie, gump sat at the bus stop, waiting for his bus,eating chocolate, telling his story to the passers-by. He loves the words that his mother used to tell him:" Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. "
   So his life is. Nobody ever thought that an "idiot" like him will be somebody. And as his mother told him, Miracles happen every day. Whether you believe or lot, one day gump finnally did get rid of his leg equipment, and run like the wind. later, he graduated from college, he join the army, he rescued several companion in The Vietnam War. What's more, uncrediblely , he was found to be a genius of ping-pong. Remarkable talant. and the God seems to favoure this guy, or because of the words gump awalys said, stupid is as stupid does. gump then made his good friend Bubba's dream came true, and he himself became a millionaire. Before doing these, everyone laugh at him, "Are u stupid or something?" But it never shake his strong mind, because he promised Bubba, they are going to have their own shrimp boat. He made this miracle happened. I think it's because his very determined, and never worried too much, just do it. This is what his difference from us. We always think too much before we do somehting, and in most cases the result is we did nothing at all.
what gump told me is,
      dream is never stupid.

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